The HISD Foundation is excited to announce the second round of the HISD Foundation Innovation Grant to our district teachers. Grants are awarded to recognize and support excellence in innovation by providing funds – up to $20,000 – to enhance elementary, middle school, high school programs and curriculum. This is a competitive grant program designed to encourage teachers to develop innovative projects that lead to increased student success. The HISD Foundation Innovation Grant seeks to fund projects that will:

  • Inspire students, teachers, and parents to think differently about school
  • Enhance the student experience and lead to improved academic outcomes
  • Implement district initiatives in innovative ways 
  • Find a new solution to combat barriers of success for students


Individual teachers, teams of teachers, individual schools, and teams of schools are eligible to submit a grant application. All grant applications must be endorsed by the Principal (teacher applications) or the Chief School Officer (school applications). All interested applicants must submit a complete application by January 25th, 2019. - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JANUARY 25, 2019

Qualified applicants must:

  • Currently teach at an HISD elementary, middle, or high school
  • Meet all eligibility requirements and application guidelines.
  • Be prepared to initiate and complete all work outlined in the grant application
  • Submit only one application per teacher/group for this grant cycle

The Innovation Grant will not fund:

  • Food
  • Consumables
  • Travel expenses 
  • Stipends or substitute teachers
  • Non-academic items

Important Dates: 

  •  January 18: Applications Due through Submittable
  •  January-February: Assessment of Applications
  •  March 5: Select projects featured at Public Education Matters Benefit Dinner
  •  March 11: Grant Recipient  Announced
  • May 31: Mid-term Report Due
  • December 20: Final Impact Report Due

Application Process:

All interested applicants must complete an application. Applications must include the following:

a.       Type of Grant (teacher or school)

b.       Applicant Information (contact info, school, teaching position, etc.)

c.       Overview of the project(s) and how the funding would be used to support or enhance district initiatives, innovative teaching practices or the learning in your classroom (limit 500 words)

d.       How many students are directly impacted and how the project advances educational outcomes for those students; if the program was successful and expanded, how might it benefit the district overall. (Limit 500 words)

e.       Timeline for implementation of grant funds and materials. (Limit 300 words)

f.        All interested applicants are required to upload an excel Budget Sheet along with the required application. The budget sheet will list the requested materials, quantity, cost per item, total amount requested. 

 g.     Administrator's contact information will serve as administrator's endorsement.

Applications will be selected based on the educational merit, as well as innovation of the proposed project. Be specific about how the innovation grant will improve the learning outcome for students or will improve the school environment for students. For example: do not ask for tablets, rather explain how tablets will be used to enhance instruction or support an innovative project. Please share in detail how the funding will change outcomes for students, not what the money will be spent on.


Innovation Grant Awards:
The HISD Foundation Innovation Grant was established through generous donations from local community members and business partnerships. This year the HISD Foundation will award $150,000 in Innovation Grants. Grant awards will be allocated as follows:

  • Individual PK-12th Grade Teacher Grant: $3,000 - $7,000
  • Teacher Collaborative Grant (2 or more teachers from same school): $5,000 - $10,000
  • Individual Schools PK-12: $10,000 - $20,000
  • School Teams (2 or more schools of any level): $10,000 - $20,000 

 Grant award recipients will be required to submit an Midterm Report in May 2019 and Final Impact Report in December 2019.


  • Funds must be spent by December 2019.
  • Purchases made through the grant are property of the HISD Foundation and will not be considered personal property of the grant recipients. If the grant recipient moves schools within the district the materials may move with the teacher upon permission from HISD Foundation. If the teacher leaves the district, grant materials will become property of the school where the grant recipient was last working.
  • Applications will be selected based on the innovative nature of the project and its alignment to the district initiatives and impact on student success. 

Scoring Rubric: 

 Applications will be evaluated on a scale of 1-4 in the following areas:
Quality of Proposal (Content, Grammar, Clarity)
Level of Innovation (Newness, Uniqueness)
Benefit to Students, Schools, Community (Defined success)
Alignment to District Priorities (Literacy, Arts, STEM)
Budget Alignment (Budget fits Proposal) 

Need help with your application? Please review this presentation. You must be logged into the HISD network to open the file.

For more quesitons, email Foundation@HoustonISD.org 

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