Teachers who are still trying to recover their classroom and replace materials, supplies, and technology damaged from Hurricane Harvey are encouraged to submit an application for funding up to $1,500. Please see below for details regarding eligibility, guidelines, and application components. 

Applicant Eligibility

Applications will be accepted from Monday, September 24 to Friday, Ocobter 5, 2018. DEADLINE EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 19, 2018

Any district employee who teaches students in a full-time teaching position is eligible.  This includes, but is not limited to, self-contained, departmentalized, special education, pull-out, tutorial, intervention, and elective/ancillary teachers. 

This does not include, coaches (who do not teach a regular curriculum based class during the school day, instructional coaches, counselors, administrators, teaching assistants, or support staff. 

Amount of Award

Each applicant may be awarded up to $1,500. Partial or full grants may be awarded based on need, volume of applications, and available funds. 


  • Teachers may apply for grant funding to cover immediate and urgent needs only.  
  • No funds will be awarded for field trips, salaries, teacher trips, food, personal scholarships for continuing education, speaker’s fees, after school clubs/sports, or new programs/initiatives that were not in progress or planned prior to Hurricane Harvey.
  • Applicants must have sign off from their principal on the application to confirm that funds being requested are for items that were destroyed and no longer functional as a direct result of Hurricane Harvey and that these items are not covered for replacement under any district or campus insurance policy. 
  • Applicants should submit a detailed budget sheet outlining their urgent request and share a concise rationale explaining why items listed for funding are of an urgent need to ensure students can resume learning quickly post Hurricane Harvey. 

 Distribution of Funds

  • The HISD Foundation’s Grants Committee will review applications. 
  • The Foundation may meet the urgent needs of applicants with in-kind donations, gift cards or direct order of specialty items.
  • Due to limited funds and the urgent needs of HISD Teachers and students, all applications will be reviewed and awarded week of November 5, 2018.
  • Receipts for all items purchased with grant awards should be submitted to the HISD Foundation within 30 days of confirmed award.

HISD Foundation Harvey Relief Fund

In response to the devastating damage left behind by Hurricane Harvey on HISD schools and across the city, philanthropist and corporations locally and nationally have come together to create a Harvey Relief Fund that is managed by the HISD Foundation. Funds raised will go directly to support HISD teachers, students, staff, and student families.

HISD Foundation